The research of SEEC covers a broad range of economic issues arising in energy and related markets. Since being established SEEC has produced papers across the whole spectrum of energy economics, including the international oil market, North Sea oil & gas, petroleum fiscal regimes, energy efficiency, UK & international coal, gas privatisation & regulation, electricity privatisation & regulation, measurement of efficiency in energy industries, energy & development, energy demand modelling & forecasting, and energy & the environment.

Current work includes:

• Econometric studies of energy demand in developed and less developed countries
• Energy intensity and energy efficiency
• Energy Policy
• Energy taxes
• Oil industry
• Petroleum fiscal regimes
• Regulation and economics of utility markets
• The rebound effect

Research Output

SEEC produces the Surrey Energy Economics Discussion Paper Series (SEEDS) with over 100 papers published since 1980. Furthermore, members of SEEC regularly publish the results of their research in specialised energy and general economics journals, contribute to books and produce various reports; click here for details of publications.

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