About SEEC

The School of Economics has a long-standing tradition of energy economics research from its early origins under the leadership of Professor Colin Robinson. This was consolidated in the early 1980s when the University established SEEC, with Colin as the Director, to study the economics of energy and energy markets.

SEEC undertakes original energy economics research and since being established it has produced papers across the whole spectrum of energy economics including energy efficiency and rebound effects,  measurement of efficiency in industries, energy demand modelling & forecasting, economics of renewable energy,  consumers and energy technologies, energy and the climate change, transport and electric vehicles, economics of the environment, energy and development, the international oil and gas market, North Sea oil and gas, petroleum fiscal regimes, UK and international coal, gas and electricity privatisation and regulation.

SEEC produces the Surrey Energy Economics Discussion Paper Series (SEEDS) with over 140 papers published. Moreover, members of SEEC regularly publish in general economics and specialised energy and environment journals.

SEEC also attracts a number of PhD students both within the School of Economics and in collaboration with other departments. Many students have successfully completed their PhD programme in energy economics and gone on to very interesting and rewarding careers, both in academia and the energy industry. SEEC can also provide training courses for Government departments and industry in various areas of energy economics. For more information, please contact the SEEC Director.

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